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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recently Richard Hall of the MS BEEF PROCESSORS was indicted on a couple of tiny mail fraud charges and money laundering. So it seems that Steve Holland got away with it. It looks like $55 million has been pocketed by everyone but the taxpayers of Mississippi, and Boss Holland gets to laugh all the way to the bank. 

    The federal investigation was not very well done, in fact the indictments came only after Richard Hall admitted to these crimes.

So here we are now, and Mississippians are just as confused now as they were before... So let me simplify and put everything into perspective for you.

    There is a democrat idiot (as if there are other kinds), named Sam Hall who has said that Supertalk should apologize for insinuating Legislative wrongdoing... Well Mr Hall seems to forget that this was 100% Legislative wrongdoing! Keep in mind this... Richard Hall did not have the power to steal $55 million from the taxpayers! Only those 'ole ag type' legislators did!

    In other words, Richard Hall did not steal a penny with this fraud. He couldn't. The only way for the money to get to his hands was for it to be put there by Boss Holland, Billy McCoy and their cronies!

   This is not just a matter of fact, it is now an expensive matter of public record!

    The guys at Supertalk only need to apologize for overlooking a few things. These Legislators have gotten TONS of cash following the State's disbursements re:Beef Plant scandal. You can follow the money to campaign contributions, construction work and untracable 'consulting' fees that lead right back to the very crooked elected officials who counted it for Richard Hall in the first place.

     Someone called the Supertalk guys the other day and mentioned Boss Hollands HUGE new Funeral Home. Dave dismissed it as irrelevant and said the Funeral Home had nothing to do with the Beefgate Scandal money. The caller tried to disagree but JT & Dave cut him off.   Perhaps the supertalk guys would not have been so quick to dismiss the caller if they find out that the company that did the build-out on the Funeral Home was a subsidiary of none other than Corruthers Construction!

I subscribe to the common shool of thought about this issue. The one shared by Paula Mooreman, whose company helped in the construction of the buildings of Beefgate, someone who was in a real position to know, that Hall was just the 'Patsy' and the real criminals are the officials who will never admit their role.  This was not a business that failed, this is a con that got discovered.

   It was a con from the beginning. Boss Holland and Billy McCoy are on record as 'thinking up' this con while 'driving on the Natchez Trace' long before Richard Hall even entered the picture.

This was not a private businessman who said, "I have an idea for a great business. Let me go to the bank and get the funding for my wonderful idea!" No. That did not happen. He was sought out! Our elected officials went and got him just for this 'Project'

   I'll go so far as to say that Jim Hood knew as well that it was a Con from the beginning. Ronnie Musgrove too. Jim Hood admitted the other day, that before the plant was even built, that Richard Hall was fabricating invoices and inflating numbers... and Hood knew about it! Billy McCoy told him in Jim Hoods office that 'everything had to be done just right'. Which means 'everything has to look in order in case this all goes to hell'.

   Now for the sad part. Everyone outside of House District 16 knows that these guys are crooks!  Everyone who lives outside Boss Holland's District (16) would throw him out on his fat ass! But those that live in 16 dont follow state politics, they simply vote Democrat.  They dont watch the news or read the paper. Even if they did, they will not see the truth in the Daily Journal because Boss Holland advertises his Funeral Home daily.

     Boss Holland counts on the Journal as his ally as part of his strategy. As long as he keeps paying them every week and advertises, they will never print the truth about him.

Boss Holland, and a couple others, have shown that even if they are not legally responsible for the theft of $55 million, they are fully culpable. 

The simple truth is this... he is NOT a responsible steward of taxpayer money. 

And if we cannot elect someone who is mature enough to know not to steal, then perhaps we deserve to be stolen from!

The best he could possibly claim, is that he, himself, was not complicit in the exact details of HOW the con was taking place. While this is far-fetched, it still makes him an irresponsible and incompetant steward of your money! So at BEST, he is completely inept.

     The truth is simple... If you were strong enough to pick up his 317 lbs by the ankles and shake, $55 million would fall out of his pockets!